Hall, Kate

Hall, Kate

Deputy Convenor, Deakin Critical Animal Studies Association

Deakin University

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This project combines research and creative practice, in order to examine the bioethics of xenotransplantation and its associated forms of animal abuse and exploitation. Xenotransplantation is the practice of using living animal organs, tissues and cells as medical transplants in human recipients. The gene editing technology known as CRISPR/Cas9 is currently being used to create human-pig hybrids, with embryos allowed to develop to 28 weeks before being killed. The fate of these so-called ‘chimeras’ is a particularly malign consequence of human exceptionalism. Ironically, though, because of scientific anxieties about the possibility of making transgenic animals more ‘human’, these non-human animals have the potential to destabilise the species boundary. The creative component of this research aims to uncover and disseminate, through a combination of research, creative writing and activism, concealed truths about the present and future abuse of non-human animals in biomedicine and other forms of consumption.


Conference presentation: ‘Chimera’, AASA Conference ‘Decolonizing Animals’, 2019

Symposium paper ‘Strange you never knew’, ‘Unbuilding Multispecies Violence in Storied Space’ – symposium co-hosted by Kate Hall, on behalf of DCAS and Hayley Singer, University of Melbourne School of Culture and Communication

Public Lecture: ‘Chimera: animal ethics of xenotransplantation’, Deakin Critical Animal Studies Network, 16 August 2019