Animal Studies Journal

Animal Studies Journal provides a forum for current research in human-animal Studies. ASJ publishes international cross-disciplinary scholarship and practice-led research. The journal, which is published twice yearly, is fully refereed (double-blind peer reviewed) and open access.  Founding and Chief Editor: Melissa Boyde.  AASA has a long and close association with the Animal Studies Journal.

Current issue: Volume 11, Number 1 (2022) ‘Flourish’

“For this special issue of Animal Studies Journal, entitled ‘Flourish’, our approach was two-fold. Complementing the 2021 conference of the Australasian Animal Studies Association on animal flourishing, we encouraged papers that explored animal and human-animal communities that are thriving and flourishing, both in the general sense and in terms of flourishing theory. A second area of interest was in works that offer or address creative and non-traditional outputs. The issue opens with papers in these two categories, followed by additional general papers and concluding with a selection of reviews of recent works in the field of animal studies.” Extract from the Editorial.  

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Cover Page, Table of Contents, Editorial and Contributor Biographies   Sally Borrell and Clare Archer-Lean

The Number Game: Counting Kangaroos.  David Brooks

Mutual Rescue: Disabled Animals and Their Caretakers.  Lynda Birke and Lori Gruen

Wild Dogs and Decolonization: Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road and Omar Musa’s Here Come the Dogs.  Iris Ralph

‘Her Brains Are All Over Her Body’: Jeff VanderMeer’s Avian Weird.   Toyah Webb

Snake Church.  Sue Hall Pyke

Zoolondopolis.  Pablo P. Castelló

Learning Hope in the Anthropocene: The Party for the Animals and Hope as a Political Practice.    Eva Meijer

The spotted hyena in popular media and the biopolitical implications for conservation strategy.   Annika Hugosson

Breed(ing) Narratives: Visualizing Values in Industrial Farming.    Camille Bellet and Emily Morgan

Gone to the Dogs? A case study evaluation of contemporary greyhound racing regulation in New South Wales.  Luke E. Henderson

[Review] Liz P.Y. Chee. Mao’s Bestiary: Medicinal Animals and Modern China. Duke University Press, 2021. 288 pp.  Peter J. Li

[Review] ‘Every Moving Thing Shall Be Meat for You.’ A review of David Brooks. Animal Dreams. Animal Publics series, Sydney University Press, 2021. 290 pp.   Michelle Hamadache

[Review] Mieke Roscher, André Krebber, and Brett Mizelle, editors. Handbook of Historical Animal Studies. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2021. 637 pp.  David Herman