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Williams, Professor Linda

Emeritus Professor

RMIT University

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Research interests / activities

A long-stranding research interest in human-animal relations- especially from the position of the environmental humanities , and a long publication /teaching/curatorial record in this field.

She also leads the AEGIS research Network for the arts and ecology at RMIT University:


Selected Publications since 2011
Williams, L (2021) ‘Visualising Anthropocene Extinctions: Mapping Affect in the Works of Naeemeh Naeemaei’ Animal Studies Journal 10:2, 57-89.

Jones, O, Rigby, K. & Williams, L (2020) ‘Everyday Ecocide, Toxic Dwelling, and the Inability to Mourn: A Speculative Response to Geographies of Extinction’ Environmental Humanities Duke University Press, 12:1, 388-405.

Williams, L (2019) ‘Deep time & myriad ecosystems: urban imaginaries and unstable planetary aesthetics’
The Aesthetics of the Undersea ‘Edited by Margaret Cohen and Killian Quigley, Routledge.

Williams, L (2018) ‘Art and the Cultural Transmission of Globalization’ The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies Edited by: Mark Juergensmeyer, Saskia Sassen, Manfred B. Steger, and Victor Faessel Oxford University Press 493-512.

Williams, L. (2017) ‘17th Century concepts of the nonhuman world – A nascent
Romanticism?’ Green Letters (UK) Vol.21, Issue 2, 122-137.

Hjorth, L; Pink, S; Sharp: K; Williams, L. (2016)
Screen Ecologies: Art, Screen Culture and the Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region MIT Press, Boston Mass.

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& Ford, T. Routledge: London, 87-107.

Williams, L (2014) ‘Reconfiguring Place: Art and the Global Imaginary’ The SAGE Handbook of Globalization
Ed. M. Steger, P. Battersby, J. Siracusa, London, Sage Publications, 463-480. (ISBN 9781446256220)

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