Australasian Animal Studies Association

Bellamy, Dr Desmond

PhD Candidate

The University of Melbourne

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Research interests / activities

Cannibalism; Animal studies; Cultural studies; Ethics

Casual PETA staffer.

Member of various organisations including UMAPS and Melbourne University Vegan Society

Completed on PhD thesis: “If you’re gonna dine with the cannibals”: becoming meat, becoming-animal


Bellamy, Desmond (2020) A ‘horrid way of feeding’: Pervasive, aggressive, repulsive cannibalism. Exchanges: The interdisciplinary research journal. 7(3): 65-89.

B.Media Hons thesis "Having an old friend for dinner: cannibalism goes to the movies". Available at

"Treatment of Unwanted Baby Animals in Australia" in Springer textbook International Farm Animal, Wildlife and Food Safety Law, 2017.

“The unnatural cannibal” published in Art+australia journal (or A+a) issue #3 (May 2018) on the theme of “Unnaturalness”.

Reading group
Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network