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Hirtenfelder, Claudia

Claudia Hirtenfelder

PhD Candidate

Queen's University
Research interests / activities

I am a PhD Candidate in Geography and Planning at Queen's University doing research that sits at the intersections of urban political economy and environmental histories. More specifically, I am interested in unpacking how cows' came to be removed from Kingston, Ontario and what this removal could tell us both about the city's processes of urbanization as well as cows' histories. Outside of my PhD work I am generally interested in unpacking and understanding varied cows stories and recently published a paper on the entanglements of cows and goats in a foreign direct investment in Canada.

I am also the founder and host of The Animal Turn Podcast in which each season is set around a particular theme and scholars are interviewed on specific concepts related to those themes. My hope is to create a pedagogical too and resource for scholars and educators alike. Find out more about the the podcast on


Recent Publications:
Hirtenfelder, C.T. and Prouse, C., 2021. Milking economies: Multispecies entanglements in the infant formula industry. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, p.25148486211036113.

Recent Organization:
Host of The Animal Turn Podcast (
Founder of the Bovine Scholarship Network and Host of the Bovine Scholarship Workshop on the 5-6th of October 2021
Organiser and Host of the 2020 Scholarship Beyond Boundaries Conference in Kingston, Ontario

Recent Presentations:
"Finding Cow Stories in Kingston" at the 2021 AAG
"Milking Economies: Multispecies imbrications/entanglements in the infant formula industry" at the 2021 CAG
"Assessing Cows in the Archives: Cows, personal property and taxes in Kingston, Ontario" at the 2021 Animal History Group Conference