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University of Melbourne

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Research interests / activities

My primary research focus is on developing and articulating a concept called the fleischgeist. To speak of the fleischgeist is to speak of a social and cultural phenomenon wherein humans are haunted by the violence of intensive animal agriculture, and its interconnected forms of destruction.



'Writing the Fleischgeist' in Animal Studies Journal Vol 5, No. 2. 'Singer, H. ‘Meat, Art and the Lives and Deaths of Animals.’ LitHub (2017). posted to: Singer, H. ‘Death Frames.’ The Lifted Brow 35 (2017). Singer, H. ‘The Pharmaco-carnist regime: some notes on an era’. The Lifted Brow 34 (2017).

Potential areas for collaboration
Examination of portrayals of women, non-human animals and plant life in contemporary literature. In particular, contemporary literature written by women. The imaginal ecologies of meat - exploring images of women and animals as meat in fiction. Writing 'beyond the human' - writing praxis that engages with poetics, politics and ethics that move beyond Western culture's dominant human centred narrative perspectives.
Potential areas for research supervision
Ecofeminist theory; Creative writing; Animal studies; Meat studies; Anthropocene ghost studies
Reading group
HRAE Knowing Animals Reading Group, University of Melbourne