Australasian Animal Studies Association

Berry, Vanessa

Gentile and Fierce

Lecturer in Creative Writing

University of Sydney
Research interests / activities

I am a writer of urban place, with a particular interest in how non-human animals are present in city environments, and shape human understandings of and engagements with places. The majority of my writing is autobiographical in some way, considering how autobiography extends beyond the self - one important connection being with animals. My 2021 book, Gentle and Fierce (Giramondo Publishing), is a collection of reflective and observational essays that consider the presence of animals throughout my life, built upon these ideas of extended autobiography, urban place, memory and the non-human.


2021: Gentle and Fierce. Sydney, Australia: Giramondo Publishing Company.
2021: Animal Chronicles. Immediately Before the End of Everything: and other encounters with nature. Collaboration with Lizzie Nagy. Pinch Press.
2020: The Ceramic Zoo: Writing with Animal Representations. Life Writing, 17(4), 591-598.