Hooper, Jes

Post Graduate Researcher and PhD Candidate in Anthrozoology

University of Exeter

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Research interests / activities

Jes Hooper is an Anthrozoology PhD candidate at the University of Exeter and a member of Exeter’s Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) working group. Jes’ current research focuses on human-animal encounters within the trade in exotic wildlife for the pet, coffee, tourism and zoo industries. Jes’ PhD project, The Civet Project (www.thecivetproject.com) , is a multi-species and multi-sited ethnography following the stories of Viverridae species entangled within live animal trade, with encounters viewed through a trans-species lens. Jes’s work actively engages with interdisciplinary scholarship including collaborations with visual artists, critical tourism academics, conservationists, zoo keepers and fellow anthrozoologists. Jes lectures part time on two undergraduate programs in Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Conservation at Plumpton College, Sussex, and blogs under the name Shilo & Patch.


Human-wildlife interactions,

Wild animal ethics,

Animals in tourism,

Zoo animal experience,

Wild animals in food production (particularly civet coffee),

Animal biography

Transdisciplinary methods

Founder of www.thecivetproject.com


Recent publications:
Hooper, J. (in press) Cat-Poo-Chino and Captive Wildlife: Tourist Perceptions of Balinese Kopi Luwak Agrotourism. Society and Animals.
Hooper, J., Aiello, T. and Hill, K., (in press) Portrayals of Animals during Covid-19 News Media. Anthrozoös.

Recent conference papers:
June 2021: Presentation (Hooper and Kline, 2021): Saving Animals or Saving Face? An Analysis of Animal Rights and Tourism Industry Partnerships in Promoting Ethical Animal Tourism. EACAS Appraising Critical Animal Studies
​June 2021: Presentation (Hooper, Aiello and Hill, 2021) : Portrayals of Animals in Covid-19 News Media. 30th International Society for Anthrozoology Conference
May 2021: Presentation (Hooper, 2021): Cat-Poo Chino: For the Love (and Labor) of Coffee. Witnessing and Worlding Beyond the Human: Interdisciplinary and Interspecies Conversations' organized by the Human-Animal Studies at Illinois Initiative.
March 2021– Conference Co-organizer and Chair: Anthrozoology as International Practice, EASE.
March 2021: Workshop Organizer and Chair: Beyond the Degree: Progression Opportunities in Anthrozoology.
Nov 2020: Presentation (Harrie Liveart and Hooper, 2021): How to Become: Embodied Perspective of Animal Commodification - 'Multispecies Heritage', EACAS.