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Taylor, Nik Professor

Human Services Graduate Research Coordinator

University of Canterbury

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Research interests / activities

Dr. Nik Taylor is a critical and public sociologist whose research focuses on mechanisms of power and marginalisation expressed in/through human relations with other species and is informed by critical/ intersectional feminism. Nik currently works at the University of Canterbury in Aotearoa New Zealand where she is co-Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies and teaches topics in the Human Services and Social Work program that focus on human-animal violence links; scholar-advocacy; social change, and crime and deviance, particularly domestic violence and animal abuse


Potential areas for collaboration
sociology of human-animal relations; links between animal and human abuse and violence (including domestic violence, child abuse and animal cruelty); meat-eating and animal slaughter; animal rights; critical animal studies; ecofeminism and animal liberation.
Potential areas for research supervision
Violence to animals (broadly conceived, e.g., meat-eating)