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Allatson, Paul. A/Prof

Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

University of Technology Sydney

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Research interests / activities

Paul is a cultural studies scholar who has published widely in the areas of Latin@ and transamerican cultural studies, postcolonial theory, sexuality studies, media studies, and literary and performance studies. One of his current collaborative research projects, with Dr Andrea Connor, Western Sydney University, is on human cultural responses to the Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca, aka bin chicken). With that project we are interested in the cultural place of Ibis and how the species is at the heart of a new if ambivalently received “bin chicken” phenomenon but contributing to new zoöpolitical entanglements in the 21st century in ways that find few cultural parallels anywhere.


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Paul Allatson and Andrea Connor. “Ibis and the City: Bogan Kitsch and the Avian Revisualization of Sydney,” Visual Communication, 2020.
Paul Allatson and Andrea Connor. “From God-head to Bin Chook: Ibis in the Australian Cultural Imagination,’ Artlink: Contemporary Art and Ideas from Australia and the Asia-Pacific 38.1 (March 2018): 66–71.
Paul Allatson and Andrea Connor. “Friday Essay: The Rise of the ‘Bin Chicken’, a Totem for Modern Australia,” The Conversation, September 6 2018: