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Jones, Dr Erin

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Independent scholar

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Research interests / activities

My main focus is canine agency and consent. I am an interdisciplinary researcher and my forthcoming book (CRC Press) Constructing Canine Consent: Conceptualising and adopting a consent-focused relationship with dogs embodies a dog-centred praxis for considering consent/assent in the dog-hunan relationship.


Jones, E. (2023). Preparing Fearful Dogs for Vaccinations with Cooperative Care. Animal Behaviour and Welfare Cases, (2023), abwcases20230011
Jones, E. (2023). Cooperative care for companion dogs: emotional health and wellness. Companion Animal, 28(7), 1-6.
Jones, E., & Taylor, N. (2023). Decentring Humans in Research Methods: Visibilising Other Animal Realities. In Methods in Human-Animal Studies (pp. 33-49). Routledge.

Potential areas for research supervision
Critical animal studies/animal ethics and companion animals. Total liberation. Veganarchism
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