Gigliotti, Professor Emeritus Carol

Writer and Artist

Research interests / activities

Carol Gigliotti, PhD, is an author, artist, vegan, animal activist, and scholar whose work focuses on the impact of new technologies on animals and their lives. She is Professor Emeritus of Design and Dynamic Media at the Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, Vancouver, BC. She is the editor of the book, Leonardo’s Choice: Genetic Technologies and Animals and the author of numerous book chapters and journal essays on these topics. Her work is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, The Sitka Center for the Arts and Ecology, and Coppermoss Writing Residency, among others. Her newest work challenges current assumptions of creativity as only a human undertaking, She argues for a redefinition of creativity that includes animal creativity, cognition, and agency and animals as essential contributors to biodiversity. Her book, The Creative Lives of Animals is slated for publication by NYU Press next year

Potential areas for research supervision
ethics and technology for animals, artists and animals, the creativity of anmials