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Brooks Pribac, Dr Teya

Research affiliate

University of Sydney

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Research interests / activities

Evolutionary thanatology, animal emotion, cognition and psyche, human-nonhuman animal relations, animal self-determination and liberation


Articles, chapters, books, fictocriticism, incl.:
Brooks Pribac, T. Enter the Animal: Cross-Species Perspectives on Grief and Spirituality, Sydney UP, 2020.
Southerly Journal 73(2), 2013, Lyre/Liar, [guest editor].
Brooks Pribac, T., Animal grief, Animal Studies Journal 2(2), 2013: 67-90.
Brooks Pribac, T., Grieving at a distance, in: Margo DeMello (ed.), Mourning Animals, Michigan State UP 2016: 193-199.
Brooks Pribac, T., Crazy Animaladies, audio + scroll exhibited at Animaladies, Interlude Gallery Glebe July 2016; published in Mascara Literary Review 19, 2016
Brooks Pribac, T., Spiritual animal: a journey into the unspeakable, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture 11(3), 2017, 340-360.
Brooks Pribac, T., Place attachment and the roots of spiritual relating in animals, Humanimalia 11(2), 2020, 76-100.