Australasian Animal Studies Association

Pritchard, Dr Greg

Independent Scholar

Research interests / activities

I am interested in using my artistic skills and knowledge to find ways to show that other species are not different to us and that we live on a continuum derived from evolutionary similar histories. And that as a result, they are deserving of greater ethical consideration.

Workeing with the idea of Umwelt defined and popularized by Jacob von Uexküll.

Importantly Uexküll radically saw “animals not as mere machines but as sentiment beings whose inner worlds not only existed but were worth contemplating.”

The planet is undergoing a 6th Extinction, and this one is almost entirely human caused. The lack of biodiversity and climate change effects are heavily impacting on animals.

My hope is that through showing animals have rich sensory worlds and cognitive ability, on an evolutionary continuum that includes humans, that we may treat them differently (if there is time).