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Muller, Dr Marek

S. Marek Muller

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Texas State University

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Research interests / activities

Dr. S. Marek Muller was born and raised in Denver, CO. Since then, they have lived and taught all around the world in locations ranging from Muncie, Indiana to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They received their PhD in Communication from the University of Utah. Dr. Muller is a rhetorician concerned with the many competing (and often contradicting) discourses of animal rights & welfare. They study how the pernicious ideology of “speciesism” manifests in language and how that language is used to justify the exploitation of nonhuman animals. Their work is most concerned with the intersections of the global animal rights movement with human-oriented political & justice movements. By examining the intersections of animalization, dehumanization, speciesism, and other oppressive -isms, Dr. Muller uses prescriptive rhetorical methods to suggest ethics, policies, and linguistic shifts conducive to total liberation and multispecies justice.


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