Australasian Animal Studies Association

Laird, Dr Tessa

Lecturer, Critical and Theoretical Studies

University of Melbourne (VCA, School of Art)
Research interests / activities

I am interested in more-than-human perception, and the invocation of animal subjectivities in visual art, literature and film. Most recently I have extended Derrida’s literary animot to include cinematic crittery kin – cinemal, or the becoming animal of the filmic medium. In addition, I continue to ponder Michael Taussig’s provocation, that colour is an animal, with all the implications that holds for the manifold perspectives of a multinatural planet.



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Potential areas for research supervision
Animals in art, literature and film; Artistic practice in the Anthropocene; Animals and colour; Animals and language/ text; fictocriticism; more-than-human perception
Reading group
Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network