Australasian Animal Studies Association

Briggs, Robert

Associate Professor in the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Curtin University

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Research interests / activities

• Cultural theory (post-structuralism, deconstruction, posthumanism)
• Continental philosophy (Derrida, Foucault, Arendt, Lyotard, Hegel and Nietzsche)
• Biopolitics, political philosophy, animal politics
• Environmental humanities, ecoculture and philosophical ethology


The animal-to-come: zoopolitics in deconstruction. Animalities series, ed. Matthew Chrulew. Edinburgh University Press (2021)
Derrida’s Nonpower: From Writing to Zoopower, SubStance 48.2 (2019): 23–40.
Following the animal-to-come Derrida Today 12.1 (2019): 20–40.
geo- special issue: Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy #7 (2017)