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Coronel, Davita

PhD Candidate

Deakin University

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Research interests / activities

I am a PhD candidate at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University, Melbourne. I am also a presenter for the animal advocacy radioshow Freedom of Species at 3CR Community Radio, Melbourne.

My PhD project explores the contested place of flying foxes in Melbourne, who are both shunned as ‘pest’ animals and appreciated as critical pollinators, while being threatened with extinction. I am keen to explore batcarers’ insights in bat behaviour and individuality, how city planning approaches the bats and what climate change responses may look like for the non-human.
This PhD project is part of the ‘Animals and Urban Planning: Indian Cities as Zoöpolises’ research project led by Dr. Yamini Narayanan from Deakin University, and Prof. Jennifer Wolch from the University of California Berkeley.