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Celermajer, Danielle. Professor

Summertime: Reflections on a vanishing future

Deputy Director (Academic) Sydney Environment Institute

University of Sydney

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Research interests / activities

I am interested in the following questions:

How might we understand the connection between the character of ethical relationships between human and non-human animals, and forms of life and practice, and how can changes in the latter bring about changes in the former?

How do we understand subjectivity, mind and the idea of 'a life worth living' from the perspective of non-human animals, and how might this expansion be brought into our research practices?

What would multi-species communities that respected fundamental principles of equality, freedom and flourishing look like and what types of epistemic, social, cultural, political and economic transformations would support their development and sustainability?

I am also interested in the growing trade in donkey skins for the production of the Traditional Chinese Medical product Ejiao and how this phenomenon brings together questions of violence against animals, destruction of multi-species ways of life, global capitalism and inequality, and racism.


Celermajer, D., Lyster, R., Wardle, G.M., Walmsley, R. and Couzens, E., 2021. The Australian bushfire disaster: How to avoid repeating this catastrophe for biodiversity. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, p.e704.

Celermajer, Danielle (2020) Rethinking rewilding through multispecies justice. Animal sentience 28(12): 1-3.

Celermajer, Danielle, Sria Chatterjee, Alasdair Cochrane, Stefanie Fishel, Astrida Neimanis, Anne O’Brien, Krithika Srinivasan, David Schlosberg and Anik Waldow (2020) Justice through a multispecies lens. Contemporary political theory 19: 475-512.

Celermajer, Danielle, David Schlosberg, Lauren Rickarts, Makere Stewart-Harawira, Mathias Thaler, Petra Tschakert, Blanche Verlie and Christine Winter (2020) Multispecies justice: Theories, challenges, and a research agenda for environmental politics. Environmental politics,

Wallach, A., C. Batavia, M. Bekoff, S. Alexander, L. Baker, D. Ben-Ami, L. Boronyak, A. Cardilin, Y. Carmel, Danielle Celermajer et al (2020) Recognizing animal personhood in compassionate conservation. Conservation biology 34(5): 1097-1106.

Wallach, A., E. Lundgren, C. Batavia, M. Nelson, E. Yanco, W. Linklater, S. Carroll, Danielle Celermajer, K. Brandis, J. Steer et al. (2020) When all life counts in conservation. Conservation biology 34(4): 997-1007.

Potential areas for research supervision
Ethics; Mourning and restitution; Sanctuaries; Human rights and animal rights
Reading group
ARiSl; Early Career Researcher/HDR Multispecies Justice group
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