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AASA 2023 Prize Recipients

AASA 2023 Prize Announcement AASA 2023 Prize Recipients AASA was very excited to announce prize winners at the Animal Cultures Conference Dinner. The 2023 prizes were donated by AASA members, in honour

Member Showcase – Jen Valender

Member / Artist Jen Valander Jen Valender | Field 3 February 2024 – 5 May 2024 Animal Studies member and artist Jen Valender’s exhibition Field

New release for Laura Jean McKay

Award winning author and AASA member Laura Jean McKay releases a new collection of short stories. ‘‘Startling, beautiful, and dangerous. McKay is the brightest of

Dingo Bold

Dingo Bold 30 September 2023 AASA member Rowena Lennox is talking about her book Dingo Bold at the Avid Reader bookshop, 191 Boundary Street, West

Activity Fund 2023

Application due date: COB Sydney Time, 31st July 2023 The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) has established an Activity Fund to support the work of

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Call For Papers – AASA Conference

Australian Animal Studies Association is holding their first conference post COVID and we are seeking papers. More information soon! Please submit your EOI here.

Member Publication: Teya Brooks Pribac

Teja and Pumpkin Brooks Pribac, Teya (2022) ‘Narrating Animals: Between Fear and Resilience’, Religions 13(7), 597,,    What scholarly disciplines are most relevant

Member Publication: Dinesh Wadiwel

Wadiwel, Dinesh. (2022). “Le Voreux: Scenes of Animal Labour in Emile Zola’s Germinal.” In Animal Remains. Edited by Sarah Bezan and Robert McKay, Routledge, pp.

Member blog: Justine Philip

— Growing up, I always gravitated towards animals – I avoided eating meat, I grieved deeply when my companion animals passed away, and spent every

Member publication: Michelle Szydlowski

Szydlowski, Michelle (2022) ‘Elephants in Nepal: Correlating Disease, Tourism, and Welfare’, Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science,   What scholarly disciplines are most relevant

Member blog: Rebecca Hendershott

The paths we take are rarely linear. Mine has felt like I keep circling around the same topic – knowing animals – but from different

Member Blog: Natalie Lis

I work in an avian-centric home and cohabitate with a combination of distinct individuals. Sharing a home and garden with birds is anchored in a

Member blog: Siobhan O’Sullivan

I did a traditional politics degree, with little to no nonhuman animal content. When I got to honours level I was told that I could

Inaugural AASA Prizes Awarded

On the last day of the AASA2021 Conference: Flourishing Animals, we met to award the two new AASA Prizes: The 2021 AASA Journal Article by

Member publication: Yamini Narayanan

Narayanan, Y. (2021). ‘Animating Caste: Visceral Geographies of Pigs, Caste And Violent Nationalisms in Chennai City.’ Urban Geography. What scholarly disciplines are most relevant

Member publication: Muhammad Kavesh

Kavesh, M. A. (2021). ‘Sensuous entanglements: a critique of cockfighting conceived as a “cultural text.”’ The Senses and Society. 16.2:152-163. What scholarly disciplines are

Member blog: Roslyn Appleby

I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, but was lucky to inherit a passionate attachment to rural ‘nature’ through family holidays. Caravanning was a

Member publication: Clare Archer-Lean

Archer-Lean, C. (2021). Animal Representative Presence: Problems and Potential in Recent Australian Fiction. In J. Gildersleeve (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to Australian Literature (pp. 282–291). Routledge.  What

Member blog: Mona Quilty

My practice is based in learning through sculpture and performance. I believe the way to understanding my shared paths with other animals lies right in