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Sax, Dr Boria

Enchanted Forests Book Cover

Senior Lecturer

Mercy University
Research interests / activities

I have been publishing often on animal-related interests since the early 1980s, and have covered a very considerable range of themes and topics. I very vividly remember the sense of endless possibilities that first accompanied the idea of literature that centered on animals and the natural world rather than on people. That has often been obscured as Animal Studies became bureaucratized, but I have endeavored to remain true to that initial vision.


I have been deeply involved in Anthrozoology/Animal Studies since its inception in the 1980s. I have published around a score of books on human-animal relations, and they have been translated into various languages over 20 times. I have taught many courses related to animal studies at Mercy University and State University of Illinois at Springfield. A list of some of my books may be found at:
I also teach at Sing Sing prison.
My most recent book is Enchanted Forests: The Poetic Construction of a World Before Time. I am currently writing a book that is tentatively entitled Metamorphoses: Entomological, Godly, and Human.