Australasian Animal Studies Association

Connor, Dr Andrea

Adjunct Institute for Culture and Society WSU and Independent Scholar

Western Sydney University
Research interests / activities

I have been researching the cultural geographies of the Australian White Ibis for some years with colleague Associate Professor Paul Allatson. It is a joint research project that takes in the shifting cultural representations of the White Ibis in Australia over time and how humans are adapting (or not) to their presence in cities and urban environments. More broadly I am interested in animals on the move, and their adaptations and resilience in the face of climate and atmospheric changes.


Ibis and the city: bogan kitsch and the avian revisualization of Sydney, P Allatson, A Connor Visual Communication 19 (3), 369-390 2020
Friday essay: the rise of the ‘bin chicken’, a totem for modern Australia, PV Allatson, A Connor The Conversation
From god-head to bin chook: Ibis in the Australian cultural imagination, P Allatson, A Connor Artlink 38 (1), 66-71