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Glover, Dr Michael

Nguni cow

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of the Free State

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Research interests / activities

Michael researches in the broad field of animal history but focusses on centering animals and including their subjective experiences. His primary research interests are cattle history, southern African history, colonial history, animal sentience, mind and eudaimonia-based conceptions of agency, and experiential and emotional histories. His PhD thesis was conferred via cotutelle through Leiden University and the University of the Free State in 2021, and was entitled 'Cattle and colonialism: an animal-centred history of southern Africa 1652 to 1980s'. He has published internationally in open pedagogies, economic history, animal history, decoloniality theory, and ethics. Michael is a lifetime Associate Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. He is co-editing a book on animal history with Dr Les Mitchell.


MJ Glover, ‘That other me down and dreaming’: an animal perspective critique of decoloniality theory. Social Dynamics (accepted for publication, forthcoming)

E Galgut and MJ Glover, "Manufacturing dissent: the racialization of opposition to animal advocacy", Ethnicities, 21, 4, 2021, 805–816.

MJ Glover, Money, D, "‘Not Wholly Justified’: The Deferred Pay Interest Fund and Migrant Labour in South Africa’s Gold Mining Industry, c.1970-1990", Journal of Southern African Studies 47, 4, 2021.

MJ Glover, “Google Forms as a discussion stimulant in postgraduate seminars? An Activity Theory perspective” South African Journal of Higher Education, 34, 1, 2020, 99-115.

MJ Glover, “A Cattle-centred History of Southern Africa?” in Nature Conservation in Southern Africa Morality and Marginality: Towards Sentient Conservation (eds.) Harry Wels, Marja Spierenberg, and Jan-Bart Gewald. Leiden: Brill (2018).

MJ Glover, Book review: Africa and her Animals: Philosophical and Practical Perspectives, Rainer Ebert and Anteneh Roba (editors), UNISA Press, Pretoria, 2018

MJ Glover, “Animals off the menu: a racist proposal?” in Animals, Race, and Multiculturalism (eds.) Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues and Les Mitchell. Palgrave Macmillan (2017).

L Czerniewicz, A Deacon, MJ Glover, S Walji, “OER in and as MOOCs” in Adoption and Impact of OER in the Global South (eds.) C Hodgkinson-Williams and P Arinto ROER4D press (2017)

L Czerniewicz, A Deacon, MJ Glover, S Walji, “MOOC-making and Open Educational Practices” Journal of Computing in Higher Education. 29, 1 (2017): 81-97.

Potential areas for research supervision
Currently unavailable but MA or PhD students who wish to write about animals' subjective historical experiences in an animal-centred way can enquire about potential supervision.
  • Glover, Dr Michael