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Hermanoff, Eisa

Eisa Hermanoff

Graduate Student

University of Lapland
Research interests / activities

Eisa Hermanoff is a graduate student in International Relations at the University of Lapland and a member of the Network for Critical Animal Studies in Finland. At the moment, Eisa is working on their Master’s Thesis. The thesis focuses on political communication in a multispecies community. In the study, Eisa conducts an ethnographic inquiry into a Finnish animal sanctuary meant for formerly farmed animals. Based on the fieldwork, the aim is to apply the empirical data to animal political theory in terms of interspecies political communication. The goal of the thesis is to think of new political practices and structures in relations between humans and other animals. The study represents Critical Animal Studies and is inspired by philosopher Eva Meijer in particular.

Keywords: Interspecies Relations & Justice, Animal Politics, Critical Animal Studies