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Szydlowski, Dr Michelle

EASE working group

University of Exeter
Research interests / activities

Michelle holds a PhD in Anthrozoology, and teaches university in the US. Her ongoing research focuses on Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Nepal, and how human-human and human-elephant relationships impact their health and welfare, and that of their human caregivers. Her work occurs at the intersections of conservation and tourism, indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge, and the captive-wild interface. Michelle also enjoys exploring how humans use language to influence the lives of otherthanhuman individuals.

She co-hosts The Anthrozoology Podcast, a platform for discussions about complex relationships with otherthanhuman beings. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, and numerous other platforms. The Anthrozoology Podcast is part of the iRoar network.

Michelle’s first book will be available in the winter of 2023.


Peer Reviewed publications:

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Other Publications:

Szydlowski, M. 2023 Joint Elephant Health Camp in Sauraha, Nepal. Gajah. 56: 44-45

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