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University of Exeter
Research interests / activities

I am an Assistant Professor in the baccalaureate anthrozoology program at Beacon College in Florida, and a member of the University of Exeter EASE working group. My current research focuses on human-pachyderm relationships in Nepal, Greater One-Horned rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) and Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) conservation, and captive elephant health and welfare. Former research includes the effects of ecotourism and conservation travel on wild animal conservation, and also how humans employ language to control other animals’ bodies and welfare. I cofounded and cohost The Anthrozoology Podcast, where early career researchers and guests discuss a wide variety of topics related to our complex relationships with other animals.



Szydlowski, Michelle (2018) Literary Anthrozoology: Do Fiction and Literature Have a Place in Anthrozoology? Animalia Journal. (1):1-18. https://64fb5335-3845-4a51-baf9-427454ec380f.filesusr.com/ugd/c128e1_b895bc3147574583b0efc277e2f40921.pdf

Hill, K., Szydlowski, M. and Oxley Heaney, S. (in press) Uncivilized Behaviours: how humans wield “feral” to assert power (and control) over other species.

Only 2020/2021 included for conferences and blogs

Elephant Managers Conference, October, 2020
Presenter: ‘It’s ok, I’m an anthrozoologist’

Composing Worlds With Elephants Conference, December 14-15th, 2020
Invited speaker: ‘Sanctuary Showdown: Elephants at the Intersection of Culture, Care and Tourism’

Panel member: ‘Long-lasting Bonds Under Threat’

University of Exeter, Magic and Esoterism Group
Guest speaker: ‘Power Words’ and animal use in magic practices

Anthrozoology as International Practice: A Student Conference in Animal Studies, March 4-5th, 2021
PGR advisory board member
Session Chair (two sessions)
Panel member, “Beyond the Degree”

Beacon College Salon Lecture Series, May 2021
Pachyderms and People: the Complex Situation Surrounding Animal Tourism in Nepal


Stand Up 4 Elephants, advisory board member

Katie Adamson Conservation Fund
Board Chair
Kid’s club video guest speaker, elephant research

Researchers And Students on Neurodiversity (ReASoN)
Part of initial working group created in 2021 seeking to connect neurodivergent researchers,
students, and educators with charities and academics studying neurodiversity across the UK and

International Society for Anthrozoology, student blog
Spotlight blogger

University of Exeter, ‘20 in 2020’
Featured postgraduate
Blog and Instagram takeover

Fodor’s Travel online:
Elephant Tourism is Way More Complex Than You’d Imagine: The Thailand Example
(Sadly, very misquoted in this article)

11 surprising ways your dog is showing that they love you, according to veterinarians—contributing professional opinion for Insider—March 2020

Veterinarians share 10 things you should never do to your dog—contributing professional opinion for article in Business Insider Australia and Insider—April 2020

OCD during COVID—taped video interview with Ivanhoe Media

The Anthrozoology Podcast
Halloween Animals
Immigrant Animals
Conversations with Dr Hal Herzog, parts one and two
The Meat Paradox
The Great Hog Eating Confederacy, guest Dr Tom Aiello, parts one and two

The Furbearers/Defender Radio

International elephants website
Debuted October 2020, in the process of completing