Australasian Animal Studies Association

Moore, Dr Alison

Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

University of Wollongong
Research interests / activities

1. Linguistics research -
a. counter discourses of meat consumption and factory farming
b. conflation of individual and species interests of non-human animals in environmental/ ecological discourses

2. professional outreach activities eg conference committee for Global Animal, U. Wollongong 2011; editorial board member for AASG Journal

3. Advocacy interests - member Animal Liberation NSW, past member Animal Liberation ACT, member Vegan Society NSW.

4. Interaction interests - alpacas, cows and guinea pigs primarily consuming attention at the moment


Presentations: to conferences including Global Animal 2011 Wollongong; International Systemic Functional Linguistics Congress 2011 Lisbon; Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference Armidale 2011; Register and Context 2012 Sydney; Sydney Functional Lingusitics Friday seminars 2012; Institute for Social Transformation Research seminar Wollongong 2012. Papers in prep/ press. Teaching: Language and Ideology U. Wollongong 3rd year linguistics subject; module on language and ideologies of animals as food.

Potential areas for collaboration
See section on current projects - I'm open to collaboration in these sorts of areas. I'm also open to collaborations in animal studies where close text analysis and/or corpus linguistic techniques could be helpful. My other research context is medical discourse. Projects which combine a focus on public health, clinical communication and/or psychotherapeutic discourse with forwarding the interests of animals could also be areas for collaboration.
Potential areas for research supervision
discipines: linguistics/register & genre/analysis of text and context; textual representation of non-human animals; multimodal representation of non-human animals; counterdiscourses re farming and eating animals; dairy industry marketing rhetoric; concepts of humanity and animality in linguistics.
Reading group
Animal Studies Research Network (ASRN) @ UOW