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The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) is the preeminent professional body for animal studies in the region. The Association welcomes academics, researchers, advocates, activists and interested peoples, AASA provides a hub for research, opportunities and robust discussion in the field of animal studies.

AASA was established in 2005 by a group working in the emergent field of Animal Studies (alternatively Human Animal Studies). In the last decade, the AASA has grown considerably and our members are testament to the dynamism of the field and the research and new thinking it is producing.   

The AASA has to date hosted eight large conferences AASA2021: Flourishing Animals will be online between 30 November to 2 December.  Head over to our conference partner Artsfront to check out the  registration and other updates.  Our conferences, masterclasses and prizes draw new and established thinkers, while our regular communication through our website, newsletters and social media brings our growing community together. 

Members of the AASA receive our magazine Animail featuring essays, book reviews, member profiles and a fortnightly AASA Update containing the latest animal studies news.   You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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