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Lis, Natalie

The University of Queensland, School of Architecture 2022

University of Queensland
Research interests / activities

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland in the School of Architecture. My research is focused on human-built avian architecture. I research how built structures and environments have been used to modify domestic and tamed avian behaviours and how it has made animals vulnerable to exploitation through entertainment and commodity. I investigate cultural and material histories of birds in addition to contemporary architecture and industrial practice.


Lis, Natalie. "How Architecture Changes What a Bird Means." PhD Dissertation, The University of Queensland, Approx submission Dec 2023~2024.
Lis, Natalie. "Special Project Cabinets Cabinets Cabinets Architecture Studio." Master’s Thesis, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2017.


Narayanan, Yamini; Lis, Natalie; Wadiwel, Dinesh, panellists “Machines, Enclosures and Animal Labour.” AASA 2023 Conference Animal Cultures 27– 29 November 2023.
Lis, Natalie. “Visualising Animal Housing: A Survey of Vernacular Animal Architecture in Archives.” AHG 2024 Seminar Series, 20 March 2024.
Lis, Natalie. “Ducking Decoys: An Examination of Wild Food Supply Disruptions.” SAH 2024 Annual Conference, Beyond Food: Uprooting the Architecture of Agriculture, 17– 21 April 2024.

Lis, Natalie. “The Geopolitics of Architecture and Human-Penguin Relationships.” SAH 2023 Annual International Conference, Architecture and Interspecies Relations (Virtual), online 20– 22 September 2023.
Lis, Natalie. “Storks Overhead: An examination of how antiquated reliefs connect storks to current culture.” Animals in the American Popular Imagination Virtual Conference, 12–16 September 2022.
Lis, Natalie. “Moving Models and Mounting Ideas: A look at how the 1930 World’s Poultry Congress changed the position of chickens.” Animal Histories Group (AHG) Summer Conference 2022, online 25–16 July 2022.
Lis, Natalie. “Caring for Penguins in View: A Brief History of how Care Shaped the Development of the Penguinarium.” British Animal Studies Network ‘Care’ Conference, online 18 March 2022.
Lis, Natalie. “Battle Birds – redressing the body in architecture: equipping a fighting cock.” ESALA Re-appropriation and Representation, Research by Design Postgraduate Symposium, 30 Oct –1 Nov 2020.

Lis, Natalie. “Natalie Lis reflects on fieldwork on Phillip Island.” Animail, August 2022.
Lis, Natalie. “Farm 13.” BARBARA, September 2022.

The School Research Grant, The University of Queensland, 2 March 2022, Travel for Fieldwork at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.
Presented, 'Battle Birds,' on the 1st of November 2020 at

Academic Educator at The University of Queensland, School of Architecture July 2019- Present
Course Coordinator at The University of Queensland, School of Architecture 2022
Teaching Assistant at SUNY Buffalo, School of Architecture and Planning August 2013-December 2016

2021– Present Member of Society of Architectural Historians Australia & New Zealand (SAHANZ)
2021– Present Member of Society of Architectural Historians (SAH)
2020– Present Animal History Group (AHG)
2020– Present Member and Editor Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA)

Reading group
AHG Book Club