Gildfind, Dr. Helen

Gildfind, Dr. Helen

Fiction Writer (Independant)


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I am a fiction writer and see literature as a powerful, covert means to shape sociocultural conversations and individual world-views by exploring the complexity, ambiguity, and consequences of human experiences and understandings. Animals often appear in my stories as unique and individual creatures whose presence, I hope, provokes readers to appraise their attitudes towards the animals in their own lives. I am new to human-animal studies, and am currently not working within a university. I am interested in learning about literary, philosophical and psychological understandings of, reactions to, and subversions of anthropocentrism. I am also interested in how our treatment of animals relates to our treatment of other humans.


Born Sleeping, Miami University Press, 2021, Available at:

Animals are important characters in the following of my stories:
‘Animals’, 2020. Available at:
'Orphans’, 2020, Available at:
'All of this, everything,' Southerly, 70.1, 2019
'Quarry' / 'Adrian' / 'Morning Song' / 'Gently, Gently' (which were first published in Griffith Review, Southerly, and Antipodes, and are included in my short story collection, 'The Worry Front,' Margaret River Press, 2018)

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