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Sadokierski, Associate Professor Zoë

Associate Professor in Visual Communication

University of Technology Sydney

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Zoë Sadokierski is a designer, writer, educator and Associate Professor in Visual Communication at the UTS School of Design. Her practice-based research investigates ways visual storytelling can help us process the complexity of climate change and biodiversity loss. She is a former president and founding member of the Australian Book Designers Association. In 2015 Zoë established Page Screen Books, an independent publisher of artist’s books and visual essays. Her favourite colours are red and stripes.


Some recent publications:

Rissanen, T. and Sadokierski, Z. (2023) Thinking-with Regent Honeyeaters: on hones and futures for a critically endangered species. Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts (8).

Sadokierski, Z. and Rissanen, T. (2022) Drawing the Extinction Crisis. Tracey journal 16, (1), pp. 1-19.

Sadokierski, Z. (2022) Create-An-Animal: A genre-blending visual essay. Rabbit: A journal for nonficiton poetry. 34: Reportage, pp. 202-218.

Sadokierski, Z., van Dooren, T., Hochuli, D., Burrell, A. and Martin, J. (2022) A Guide to the Creatures in Your Neighbourhood. Sydney: Murdoch Books.

Sadokierski, Z. Bin Chicken to Object of Care: Connecting migrant communities to urban nature through animal allegories. Nature Feelz: Perspectives and reflections on ecological emotions conference, Sydney Environment Institute, Sydney.

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