Alloun, Esther

Alloun, Esther
Alloun, Esther

PhD Student / Sessional Tutor / Research Assistant

University of Wollongong
Research interests / activities:

Esther Alloun is PhD candidate, Sessional Tutor and Research Assistant in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry at the University of Wollongong. Her research project investigates the emergence and rapid rise of veganism and animal activism within the contested context of Palestine-Israel, and how questions of race, nationalism and settler colonialism are connected to animal politics. She is also interested in intersectional feminisms and has published on ecofeminism and veganism.


Alloun, Esther, Ecofeminism and animal advocacy in Australia: Productive Encounters for an Integrative Ethics and Politics, Animal Studies Journal, 4(1), 2015, 148-173. Alloun, Esther, Fur PETA’s Sake! The politics of animals in the Zionist state, Animal Liberation Current, 23 May 2017, available at

Website/blog: Academia