Graduate Student

University of Amsterdam
Research interests / activities

I am specializing within the field of Critical Animal Studies. I am currently writing my research master thesis in philosophy under the supervision of Dr Eva Meijer, a renowned scholar on animal languages. I hope to be able to continue to a PhD, and continue my work on formulating multi-species theories of oppression. My work mainly concerns itself with the intersection of systems of oppression, and the role of ideology in shaping human-animal relationships. Besides philosophy I also have a graduate degree in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Besides my academic endeavours I am also active within animal rights organizations e.g. Animal Rebellion, Anonymous for the Voiceless, as well as active in Politics to promote justice for animals in society.


University of Milan, Conference Title: “Ethical Theories and the Animal Issue: Between Science and Philosophy”

Paper presented: The Moral Importance of Human-Animal Relations

Conference at the Dutch International School for Philosophy: Conference Title: “Animal Politics: Justice, Power and the State”

Paper presented: Animal Rights and Human Duties: The Moral Importance of Relations

Masterclass Feminist Theory with and around the work of Lynne Huffer at the University of Leiden

Paper presented: Intersectionality and Speciesism

Manchester Metropolitan University, Conference Title: “Abuse Studies and Safeguarding under Conditions of Globalisation and Austerity Conference”

Paper presented: The intersections of Animal and Human Violence

Dutch association for Aesthetics Conference: Conference Title: “Making, Receiving, Differing, Aesthetics & Politics”

Paper presented: Speciesism in Coetzee’s Disgrace: Adorno’s Aesthetics and Literary Truth