Adjunct Professor

Southern Cross University
Research interests / activities

I am interested in animal-human relations within the context of tourism and leisure; cultural histories of selected animal species; recreation and tourism impacts on herpetofauna; impacts of climate change on wildlife tourism in Australia; wildlife tourism in PNG.


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Markwell, K. (2020) Koalas, bushfires and climate change: towards an ethic of care. Annals of Tourism Research. DOI: 10.1016/annals.2020.103003

Markwell, K. (2020) Koalas are the face of Australian tourism. What now after the fires? The Conversation, January 6, 2020.

Skibins, J. C., Weiler, B. and Markwell, K. (2019) The devil made me do it: influence of values on interpretation and behavours for Tasmanian devils, Journal of Interpretation Research, 24(1): 63-84

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Potential areas for research supervision
Tourism/leisure relationships with non-human animals; Cultural histories/geographies of Australian animal species