Binnie, Dr Ronald

Lecturer, Edinburgh College of Art

University of Edinburgh
Research interests / activities:

My aim is to contextualize both my art practice and academic work into the broader area of what it means to be human and how we relate to other species. I am increasingly influenced by posthumanist theory that seeks to confront the inability of humanity to see its place within ecosystems and its preconceptions of our place in the world as superior to the other forms of life with which we share this planet.

Many contemporary artists and art theorists it would seem have no difficulty separating the creative process from moral or ethical considerations to the non-human animal subjects used in the production of their work. I seek to challenge this and contend that contemporary art practice is as inseparable from its ethical responsibilities as any other human system. There are indisputable connections between the development of human rights and the struggle to attain those for non-human species.