Bennett, Jessica

Bennett, Jessica

PGCE Student

University of Oxford

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Research interests / activities:

I am a full time PGCE student specialising in Secondary Biology at the University of Oxford. I graduated with a Master of Research degree in Anthrozoology (with Merit) in 2018. For my postgraduate thesis, I investigated how the visual depiction of fur fashion in Vogue has changed between 1947-2018. Currently, I am in the process of publishing my undergraduate thesis in which I researched how awareness of cosmetic animal testing may affect the cosmetic purchasing habits of 18-24-year-old British females.

I graduated from my undergraduate degree with first class honours and aspire to progress onto doctoral research after completing my PGCE and gaining Qualified Teacher Status. My primary research interest is currently the depiction and villainisation of predators in modern media, specifically films and video games.

I am also a member of the ISAZ Student Board and a trained hedgehog rehabilitator.


An investigation into how animal testing influences the cosmetic buying habits of 18-24 year old British females (Animal Behaviour and Welfare Research Group, Department of Animal and Land Sciences, Hartpury University Centre) – Publication in progress.

Reading group: Member, ISAZ