Bennett, Jessica

Masters Research Student, Anthrozoology

University Centre, Hartpury College, UK

I am a full time Master of Research student studying Anthrozoology in England. I am in the process of publishing my undergraduate dissertation in which I researched how awareness of cosmetic animal testing may affect the cosmetic purchasing habits of 18-24-year-old British females. I graduated with a first class honours degree and am in the process of completing the third year of my PGCE and gaining Qualified Teacher Status within my home country. I aspire to progress onto a PhD program after I complete my Master’s degree and have always been very interested in the conservation of Tasmanian Devils. My long-term ambition is to lecture at university level in a topic that is either directly or indirectly related to Anthrozoology or Animal Studies.

An investigation into how animal testing influences the cosmetic buying habits of 18-24 year old British females (Animal Behaviour and Welfare Research Group, Department of Animal and Land Sciences, Hartpury University Centre) – Publication in progress.
Member, ISAZ