Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

University of Technology Sydney

Cultural representations of the Australian White Ibis; Ibis rewildings

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Discipline Leader, English Literature

University of the Sunshine Coast

Armstrong, Philip. Professor

Professor of English

University of Canterbury


Animals and nature in literature, cultural representations and practices; animals and colonialism, decolonisation and globalisation

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Independent Scholar


Animal Ethics; Animal and environmental protection

Evans, Dr Linda

Lecturer, Department of Ancient History

Macquarie University

Humans and non-human animals in the ancient world as reflected in religious ideas, symbolism, philosophy, and especially art.

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University of New South Wales

Animals and food; animals and art; animals in feminist theory; “tranimals” (animal inside trans-); performance

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Senior Lecturer, Filmmaking

Liverpool John Moores University

Hybrid film forms, animals and landscape in film, posthumanism,

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Lecturer, Critical and Theoretical Studies

University of Melbourne (VCA, School of Art)

The cultural history of bats; animal art theory and criticism (colour theory, human-animal relations, theory for the anthropocene, decolonisation); animal language; plant sentience

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Assoc. Prof. of English /ARC Future Fellow

School of Humanities/Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania


Literature; Animal Studies; Antarctic Studies

Associate Professor

Southern Cross University

Social construction of non-human animals through tourism and leisure

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Deputy Head of School, School of Arts

University of New England, NSW

Research interests include the perceptions of animals in nineteenth-century Britain, and human and animal studies as a discipline

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Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

University of Wollongong

Linguistics research –
counter discourses of meat consumption and factory farming. The conflation of individual and species interests of non-human animals in environmental/ ecological discourses

Senior Lecturer in International and Community Development

Deakin University


Cattle trafficking and cattle industries in India; livestock industries; biopower; animals and urbanisms/urban planning

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Professor of Law

Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Animal welfare regulation; Free range and higher animal welfare labelling; the politics, ethics and regulation of food.

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Phillips, Dr Perdita

Contemporary Artist and Independent Scholar

In 2017 I will be working on ‘anticipatory archives’ for Termites and Stygofauna; harnessing the speculative possibilities of contemporary art to envision new environmental futures. My work with animals overlaps with the wider network of nonhuman players in ecosystems and biomes.

Potts, Annie.  A/Professor

Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities and Creative Arts

University of Canterbury


Head of Cultural Studies and Co-Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies at Canterbury University, Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Probyn-Rapsey, Fiona.  Professor
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong


Fiona’s research connects feminist critical race studies and Animal studies, examining where, when and how gender, race and species intersect.


Associate Professor, English Department

Tamkang University, Taiwan

Eco-criticism; eco-film; posthumanism; animal studies; animal and plant representation in Australian literature

Associate Professor
Media & Cultural Studies

Edith Cowan University


Public attitudes to animal welfare in Australia; animal activists’ use of social media to advance their campaigns

Research Fellow

University of Wollongong

animal nationalism; activism; nonviolence; intersectionality

Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Communication

University of Southern Queensland

Animals in live performance; Animals and eco tourism; Wildlife conservation

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Associate Professor, Film and Television Studies

Monash University

Nonfiction screen media, animals and eco cinema

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Stewart, Dr James

Adjunct Lecturer

University of Tasmania

The relationship between humans and animals in South Asia, how religious practices influence this relationship, and how human actions can be manifested in acts of violence or non-violence towards these animals.


Independent Researcher

Human-cetacean relations; companion animal relations; the spaces of opposition regarding human-nonhuman animal relations; the ecology of wisdom; multi-species education; interspecies ethics

Senior Lecturer in History

Department of Public Affairs and Environmental Studies, Laikipia University, Kenya


Ecological history of precolonial Africa, Nomadic Pastoralism, Environmental History and Political Economy of Colonialism

White, Dr Steven

Lecturer, Griffith Law School

Griffith University

Animal protection ethics, law and policy.
Environmental law with a focus on wild animal protection.
Regulatory studies and protection of animals.

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Honorary Research Associate

University of Newcastle

Australian and international dairy, live animal export and the greyhound racing industry


Program Director, Bachelor of Health Sciences

University of South Australia


The intersections of human and animal leisure; Pets, health and older people