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AASA News: Animal Studies Recognized with New Prize Initiatives

Australasian Animal Studies Association

The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) is launching a new suite of prizes to recognise, celebrate and reward scholars in the emerging interdisciplinary field of Animal Studies.  The prize is made possible by a gift from Animal Studies scholar and AASA foundation member, Associate Professor Siobhan O’Sullivan, UNSW Sydney.   Associate Professor O’Sullivan says that […]

AASA Members – new publications

A wonderful list of recent works by AASA members:- Borrowy, I., Justine Philip, M. Armiero, M. Mart and S. Muller (2021) ‘Toxins, Me and Everybody Else: On Science & Silence Collaborative Forum’, Journal of Environmental History, Oxford University Press. Coleman, E., Rebecca Scollen, B. Batorowicz and D. Akenson (2021) ‘Artistic Freedom or Animal Cruelty? Contemporary […]

Unfair Negative Commentary and Hate Speech – A resource

Much scholarship in Animal Studies challenges mainstream practices involving the use of animals, and as such this research can draw negative criticism from vested interests. This is particularly the case for intersectional work, which often highlights the interconnection of race, nationalisms, gender, sexuality and ability. Researchers in Animal Studies may at some stage experience unfair […]

Call for Papers for AASA2021: Flourishing Animals

This conference focuses on resilience and flourishing in animal lives. The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) calls for paper and panel proposals for its online conference in late November and early December 2021. Proposals are encouraged in a range of themes including:  First Nations and decolonial perspectives on animal flourishing; animal flourishing amidst capitalist economies and geographies of […]

re-earthing exhibition

Annie Edney and Iris Marie BergmannOpening: Sun 4 July 2021, 3 pm Opening talk: Angelica Hristakos Exhibition: 3 – 18 July 2021 St Heliers Street Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford VIC 3067Melbourne, Australia

The Animals’ Manifesto: Preventing Covid-X

Introduced by Dr. Jane Goodall, and supported by approx. 200 international NGOs the Animals Manifesto is designed to create a more sustainable, equitable and humane world. It is an appeal for us to address our disrespect of animals and the natural world that facilitated the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing so will […]

Extinction is Personal – Lori Marino

In 2018 I had a deeply personal experience with a member of a whale community that brought home to me what extinction means on the individual level. Scarlet was a plucky orca calf who was a member of the southern resident killer whale (SRKW) community in Puget Sound, Washington. But just as she approached her […]

AASA Masterclass: Tools for Animal Studies Research

Bird building nest

Are you new to animal studies research? Do you grapple with current theoretical debates – such as intersectionality and decolonial approaches? Do you wonder how and where to publish? If you would like to understand the basics of the publication process, from pitching an article idea to responding to peer review and get advice on […]

PhD Opportunity: Safeguarding bird biodiversity in forest landscapes (UTas)

Closing: 12 February 2021 Birds are affected by land-use changes impacting structure and composition of forests and many species rely on old-growth trees for nesting habitat. Different approaches to plantation and native forest timber harvesting, wildfire impacts, and availability of mature forest reserves could have varying impacts on bird communities. This project will contribute to […]