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2023 AASA Popular Communication of Animals Studies Prize

Claudia Hirtenfelder, who won the AASA Popular Communication Prize in 2021

Claudia Hirtenfelder, who won the AASA Popular Communication Prize in 2021. The 2023 Australasian Animal Studies Association Popular Communication of Animal Studies Prize is awarded to a member or members of the Association who have worked systematically to promote the insights and research findings of their peers in the field of Animal Studies, therein increasing […]

2023 AASA Journal Article by an Early Career Researcher Prize

The Australasian Animal Studies Journal Article Prize recognises excellence in the work of early-career researchers. The prize is focused on the work of scholars in the production of scholarly journal articles in the field of animal studies. The 2023 prize was donated by AASA members, in honour of the late Associate Professor Siobhan O’Sullivan. Nomination […]

New release for Laura Jean McKay

Award winning author and AASA member Laura Jean McKay releases a new collection of short stories. ‘‘Startling, beautiful, and dangerous. McKay is the brightest of talents. We’re lucky to have her.’’ROBBIE ARNOTT, AUTHOR OF LIMBERLOST The brilliant new short story collection from the Arthur C. Clarke Award–winning author of The Animals in That Country. A […]

Dingo Bold

Dingo Bold 30 September 2023 AASA member Rowena Lennox is talking about her book Dingo Bold at the Avid Reader bookshop, 191 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane, at 3 pm on Saturday, 30 September. Dingo Bold is published by Sydney University Press as part of their Animal Publics series and SUP are just about to […]

Creative Animals: Teya Brooks Pribac in conversation with Carol Gigliotti

A favourite activity of my (rescued) sheep is eating the leaves and flowers from surrounding trees, the higher the branches the better. In order to reach the latter the sheep have to stand on their hind legs. Henry has never mastered this technique, a disadvantage that he quickly compensated for with a creative solution: he […]

Member publication: Kris Hill, Michelle Szydlowski, Sarah Oxley Heaney and Debbie Busby

Hill, M. Szydlowski, S. Oxley Heaney, D. Busby (2022). ‘Uncivilized Behaviors: How Humans Wield “Feral” to Assert Power (and Control) Over Other Species.’ Society & Animals.   What scholarly disciplines are most relevant to this publication?  Our approach to anthrozoology engages with post-humanist ideas that challenge human exceptionalism and anthropocentric assumptions. This paper looks […]

Member Publication: Teya Brooks Pribac

Teja and Pumpkin Brooks Pribac, Teya (2022) ‘Narrating Animals: Between Fear and Resilience’, Religions 13(7), 597,,    What scholarly disciplines are most relevant to this publication?   Animals and belief systems are the focus of this work so it would be of interest to scholars in religious and animal studies, but also in other […]

Australian Animal Law – Teya Brooks Pribac in conversation with Elizabeth Ellis

‘Courts … are slow to embrace change,’ said a judge who considered (and refused) a proposal to extend legal rights to chimpanzees, but she also added, citing a different judge: ‘times can blind us to certain truths and later generations can see that laws once thought necessary and proper in fact serve only to oppress.’[1] […]

Member Publication: Dinesh Wadiwel

Wadiwel, Dinesh. (2022). “Le Voreux: Scenes of Animal Labour in Emile Zola’s Germinal.” In Animal Remains. Edited by Sarah Bezan and Robert McKay, Routledge, pp. 158-180. What scholarly disciplines are most relevant to this publication?   My essay examines a novel – Emile Zola’s Germinal – and is published as a chapter in a collection which […]