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Call for Papers for AASA2021: Flourishing Animals

Call for Papers for AASA2021: Flourishing Animals

This conference focuses on resilience and flourishing in animal lives. The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) calls for paper and panel proposals for its online conference in late November and early December 2021. Proposals are encouraged in a range of themes including: 

  • First Nations and decolonial perspectives on animal flourishing;
  • animal flourishing amidst capitalist economies and geographies of neoliberalism;
  • feminist approaches to flourishing and the politics of care;
  • animal flourishing and animal sanctuary movements;
  • public policy approaches to welfare and rights that prioritise conceptions of flourishing and resilience;
  • perspectives shaped by queer theory on desire, pleasure, affect, optimism and futurity; 
  • philosophical approaches to flourishing, capabilities and positive rights;
  • the politics of flourishing and resilience and its relation to the “political turn” in animal studies
  • spirituality, faith and religiosity and their perspectives on animal flourishing.

For further information about the conference, registration and other updates go to our conference site:

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