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Animail – AASA members magazine – latest issue out now

AASA members will have received their copies of the new format Animail today. Edited by Rowena Lennox, the issue has interviews with two of the keynote speakers for the forthcoming AASA2021: Flourishing Animals Conference, as well as an artwork in focus, information about AASA, the conference and a wonderful selection of new books in the […]

AASA Members – new publications

A wonderful list of recent works by AASA members:- Borrowy, I., Justine Philip, M. Armiero, M. Mart and S. Muller (2021) ‘Toxins, Me and Everybody Else: On Science & Silence Collaborative Forum’, Journal of Environmental History, Oxford University Press. Coleman, E., Rebecca Scollen, B. Batorowicz and D. Akenson (2021) ‘Artistic Freedom or Animal Cruelty? Contemporary […]

The Animals’ Manifesto: Preventing Covid-X

Introduced by Dr. Jane Goodall, and supported by approx. 200 international NGOs the Animals Manifesto is designed to create a more sustainable, equitable and humane world. It is an appeal for us to address our disrespect of animals and the natural world that facilitated the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing so will […]

Call for Chapters/Short Stories: Radical Intimacies: A Multispecies Politics of Care and Kinship

Due: 1 December 2020 Editors: Yamini Narayanan (Deakin University) and Kathryn Gillespie (University of Kentucky) Intimate forms of connection and care are ubiquitous in multispecies relationships, and they become legitimate forms of knowledge in fleeting moments of encounter as well as in the course of lifetimes lived together care-fully. This edited collection centers these latter forms of intimacy […]

New Books and articles

BOOKS: Kristin Andrews, 2020. The Animal Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Animal Cognition. 2nd. ed. Routledge. Sarat Colling, 2020. Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era: The Animal Turn. Michigan State University Press. Jason Hannan (ed.), 2020. Meatsplaining: The Animal Agriculture and the Rhetoric of Denial. Sydney University Press  Erin McKenna, 2020. Living with Animals: Rights, Responsibilities, and Respect. Rowman & Littlefield. […]

CFP: Climate, Creatures and COVID-19

Environment and Animals in 21st Century Media Discourse Few issues dominate twenty-first century media and public consciousness quite like climate crisis and the environment. We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of our co-existence with the more-than-human world in our lives and broader ecologies (Haraway, 2008, 2016), and as a result are seeking new […]

CFP: Special Issue on Animal Futurity – Abstracts Due September 7th, 2020

Call for Papers for Special IssueAnimal Futurity: A Speculative Exploration of the Future of Human-Animal Relations In her book, Animal Alterity: Science Fiction and the Question of the Animal, Sherryl Vint explains that we are as dependent in the 21st century on animal labor as we were in the 17th. Yet, she writes, “the use of animals […]

Agricultural History, volume 94, number 3 (Summer 2020) – Table of Contents

The Agricultural History Society is pleased to share below the table of contents for the summer issue of Agricultural History (vol. 94, no. 3). For the full issue, including open-access content, see our JSTOR page. Theory and Method: An Analysis of European and American Animal Breeding Practices, from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century, by Margaret E. Derry Sowing Diversity: […]

CFP Animal Satire

Animal Satire. Editors Susan McHugh (University of New England) and Robert McKay (University of Sheffield)   Intelligent interest in or ethical commitment to animals has always been a rich source and target of satire or parody. Recent kerfuffles about the publication and then withdrawal of spoof essays about dogs on the Berlin wall, by a collective […]