Australasian Animal Studies Association

Activity Fund 2023

Activity Fund 2023

Application due date: COB Sydney Time, 31st July 2023

The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) has established an Activity Fund to support the work of members in the field of Animal Studies. The objective of the Fund is to stimulate activities that improve, enhance, or facilitate AASA members to undertake activities that would otherwise not be able to be undertaken without this financial support.

AASA will provide grant funding each financial year to assist members to undertake activities that support the field of Animal Studies in Australasia and foreground approaches to animal studies that respect the interests, perspectives and rights of nonhuman animals.

Contribution to the field of animal studies, including but not limited to projects:

  • producing an output that is presented publicly to an external outlet, venue, or audience;
  • constituting an engagement with and promotion of existing scholarly, advocacy or artistic work in animal studies;
  • constituting a significant innovation in / contribution to existing scholarly, advocacy or artistic work in animal studies;
  • fostering interaction within and development of a community of scholars, advocates and artists in animal studies;
  • fostering or seeding other scholarly, advocacy or artistic projects in animal studies.

Activities funded that fall with the scope of the ASAA objectives could include, but are not limited to support for physical meet-up and/or art events; paper publication subsidies; exhibition support; small co-branded events, such as symposia; and / or sponsorship of animal studies relevant podcasts, vlogs, etc.

Applications are available to individuals and groups containing current financial members. Each member/group is eligible to receive one grant per financial year, and are recommended to make one application only per round. Between AU$200 to $500 is available per grant, which will need to be spent during the following 12-month period. Up to four grants will be awarded this financial year. Unspent funds are to be returned.

Application should be submitted through the application form (, by the due date (COB Sydney Time, 31tst July 2023).

Applications will be adjudicated by a sub-committee of members nominated by the AASA Committee. The AASA Chair may appoint non-members to this Committee if their expertise is required for decision making. The Association reserves the right not to award grants in any financial year and vary the terms of the grant as needed to satisfy the objectives of this Fund.

Special consideration will be given to applicants who are:

  • early career researchers;
  • precariously employed;
  • Māori and / or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; and/or
  • people with disability / long term health condition and / or people with significant care responsibilities which have impacted career progression.

Funded activities may include non-AASA members, however preference will be given to activities that include a significant number of members (if relevant to funded activity).

All applications are expected to demonstrate that funds will be used to meet the cost of the proposed activity, and where additional costs are needed, these have been obtained. A report on the activities undertaken (including receipts) will be lodged with the AASA Treasurer within 6 months of the activity being undertaken. Failure to provide a report will prevent future Fund applications being considered.

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