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2023 AASA Journal Article by an Early Career Researcher Prize

2023 AASA Journal Article by an Early Career Researcher Prize

The Australasian Animal Studies Journal Article Prize recognises excellence in the work of early-career researchers. The prize is focused on the work of scholars in the production of scholarly journal articles in the field of animal studies. The 2023 prize was donated by AASA members, in honour of the late Associate Professor Siobhan O’Sullivan.

Nomination guidelines

  • The applicant(s) must be AASA members at the time of their nomination and be within five years of receiving their highest degree award (this period may be extended to allow for career interruptions). The prize is open to postgraduate students, as well as scholars who have completed their postgraduate studies. All authors of the article must meet the nomination criteria to apply.
  • Only the person being nominated needs meet the definition of ‘early career researcher’. In the case of a co-authored article, the early career researcher should provide a brief statement of no more than 100 words, outlining the nature of their contribution to the article.
  • The journal article must o have been published in English, and
    • have been published by a peer-reviewed journal during the previous two calendar years, and
    • be wholly or substantially in the field of animal studies, and foreground and respect the interests, perspectives and rights of nonhuman animals as determined by the judging panel.
  • Previous winners of this prize are not eligible to reapply.
  • Nominees should complete the nomination form, and provide electronic copies of the article for each member of the judging panel at the time of nomination.

Judging process

  • The decision will be made by a judging panel of no less than five people, chaired by the AASA Chairperson (or their nominee). The panel will include at least one early career researcher, and two women or female-identifying scholars.
  • Members of the judging panel will be required to complete a Conflict-of-Interest declaration.
  • After assessment of suitability, based on the nomination guidelines, the main criterion for the prize is the quality of the research included in the journal article. Consideration will be given to the quality of prose.
  • AASA reserves the right not to award this prize.

Award details

The winner will receive AU$500. In the case of co-authored journal articles, the cash prize will be given to the co-author who is being nominated as an early career academic. In the case of an article written by more than one early career academic, the prize money will be split equally between all nominated early career academics. In the case of co-authored articles, where one author is an early career academic, and the rest are not, only the early career academic will be named as the prize winner and will receive a cash prize.

Due Date

Applications are due by 5pm Australian Easter Standard Time on Friday 20th October 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.


To complete the submission process, please use this online form

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