Brooks Pribac, Teya

PhD Candidate

University of Sydney

Animal emotion, trans-species psychology, human-nonhuman animal relations, animal self-determination and liberation

Brooks Pribac, T. 2016, ‘Someone not Something: Dismantling the Prejudicial Barrier in Knowing Animals (and the Grief which Follows)’, Animal Studies Journal 5(2), 2016, 52-77. Available at: Brooks Pribac, T., ‘Animal Grief’, Animal Studies Journal, 2(2), 2013: 67-90. Available at: . Brooks Pribac, T., ‘Grieving at a distance’, in: Margo DeMello (ed.), Mourning Animals, Michigan State UP 2016: 193-199. Guest co-editor of Southerly Journal 2013: 73.2 Lyre/Liar (animal-themed issue) Brooks Pribac, T., ‘Fishy Feelings’, Southerly 2013: 73.2 (fictocriticism) Brooks Pribac, T., ‘Bob, Nando, Pat, Alice and Other Species’, Southerly: Australian Dreams 1, 2014: 74.2 (fictocriticism)