Australasian Animal Studies Association

The Australasian Animal Studies Association has the aim of encouraging rigorous scholarly, scientific and artistic enquiry into the human- animal interrelation. Furthermore this cross-disciplinary intellectual and creative work can inform and permeate the treatment and understanding of animals in national, state and local educational institutions, industries and decision-making forums.

To achieve this, the AASA activates a community of animal studies scholars, scientists, creative artists and animal advocates to encourage cross-national and disciplinary exchange and, more particularly, to promote work that has animals and human-animal relations in Australia as a focus.

As part of this the AASA aims to promote and encourage ongoing, accessible, dialogue in a public forum through a regular blog. The blog is intended to be inclusive and present a wide variety of opinions. As such human-animal studies scholars and students (including those working in aligned fields of critical animal studies and anthrozoology), animal activists and advocates, are encouraged to contact us to discuss guest contributions.

Guidelines for Contributors

Only pieces that reflect our position of a critical yet compassionate approach to the study of animals in society will be accepted. Please email to discuss potential projects with the blog conveners.

Please read the following carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

The AASA blog conveners reserve the right to reject posts that do not fit within these guidelines.

We voluntarily maintain this site because we believe that dialogue on issues that affect animals in society is an important way to advocate for positive change in the way animals are treated. As such, we do not have a budget and cannot offer guest contributors any financial compensation.

Editing and Ownership
Generally speaking we will not edit your submissions but may offer suggestions about them prior to submission.   Unfortunately we do not have the time to work with authors on grammar/style and so must reserve the right to reject posts that are not written clearly.

All guest posts are the intellectual property of the guest bloggers themselves.