Some of the most exciting and challenging new work in Animal Studies has emerged from the Fine Arts. The gallery aims to promote the artists and the animal issues they care deeply about. Just click on the thumbnails below for artist profiles.


If you would like your work to feature here please contact us.


Andrea Roe

Amanda Stuart

Ann-Marie Tully

Anna Griffiths

Anne Greenway

Bonita Alice

Carla Bengtson

Catherine Clover

Christine Townend

Clair Chinnery

claude jones

Debbie Symons

Eveline Kolijn

Ferdando do Campo
coming soon

Gina Moore

Greg Giannis

Helen Sturgess

Heather Fraser

Iris Bergmann

Julie Shea

Karin Bolender

Kate Foster

Kelly Hussey Smith

Linnea Ryshke
coming soon

Lee Deigaard

Lucy Davis

Lucy Powell

Lynne Tinley


lynn mowson

Linda Brant

Myriam Solar

Natalie Gilbert

Norie Neumark

Perdita Phillips

Philipp Pahin

Rod McRae

Roslyn Taplin

Roz Mortimer

Sarah Waterson

Sharon Lee

Steve Baker

Steven Holland

Sue Kalab

Tessa Laird
coming soon


Vanessa Barbay

Vivian Demuth

Yvette Watt
coming soon