PhD Student / Sessional Tutor / Research Assistant

University of Wollongong

Animal politics, race, nationalism and settler colonialism; animal/vegan activism in Israel-Palestine


Senior Lecturer, English Literature

University of the Sunshine Coast

Animal representations in recent Australian (particularly female authored) fiction; dingo representations and wild life management practice

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Armstrong, Philip. Professor

Professor of English

University of Canterbury

Animals and nature in literature, cultural representations and practices; animals and colonialism, decolonisation and globalisation

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Senior Research Fellow
School of the Arts, English and Media

University of Wollongong

Animal Studies; modernist art and literature; critical and cultural theory with a focus on the lived experiences of non-human animals – particularly those in the cattle industries in Australia. Founder and chief editor of Animal Studies Journal

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Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University

Extinction; Cultural Studies; Species History

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mowson, lynn

Research Assistant & Steering Committee Member, Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network

University of Melbourne

Artist and animals’ advocate working with imagery responding to the horrors of the dairy industry

Associate Professor, Psychology

Central Queensland University

Human-Animal interaction; potential links between personality factors (especially empathy), interpersonal violence and the treatment of animals; community attitudes regarding farm animal welfare

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Townend, Dr Christine

Founder and trustee, Kalimpong Animal Shelter, Darjeeling Animal Shelter;
Patron, Help in Suffering Animal Shelter, Jaipur;
Assistant Editor, Australian Animal Protection Law Journal

Wadiwel, Dr Dinesh

Senior Lecturer, Human Rights and Socio-legal Studies

University of Sydney

Sovereignty and the nature of rights, violence, race and critical animal studies.

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