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Grant Opportunity: ProVeg International

Grant Opportunity: ProVeg International

Funding available for work that aligns with ProVeg’s mission to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040. See for more details.

ProVeg Grant: to fund vegan advocacy and meat reduction efforts: $10,000-$30,000 USD.  Applications taken 4 times a year, next deadlines is 1 December, 2020.

Eligible Proposal Categories:

  • Corporate and Institutional Outreach – Examples: corporate dining hall outreach, caterer outreach, chain restaurant outreach, chef training, grocer outreach, ingredients replacement, corporate rankings, and similar
  • School and University Dining Hall Outreach – Examples: requiring plant-based school lunch days in public schools, requiring plant-based days in university dining hall, and similar.
  • Plant-Based Challenges – Examples: 30 day vegan challenge, 21 day plant-based challenge, and similar.
  • Mass Public Awareness – Examples: major public awareness campaigns, awareness programs targeting influential professionals, major media campaigns, and similar
  • Events – Examples: conferences, vegfests, medical panels, festivals, and similar
  • Research or Public Policy – Example: to improve government nutritional guidelines, industrial farm prevention, academic research, and similar
  • Other Advocacy – Unmet regional niches, movement-building, DEI work, or other effective advocacy that falls outside these categories
  • General Operating Support – For organizations with a track record of success in vegan advocacy or meat reduction work

Also available is the EVA (Effective Vegan Advocacy Grant)

Applications taken 4 times a year – the next due date for the EVA (Effective Vegan Advocacy Grant) is 1 December, 2020.   Grants from $500-$5,000 USD. 

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