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Tiny Beam Fund: Fellowships and Research Planning Grants

Tiny Beam Fund: Fellowships and Research Planning Grants

Tiny Beam Fund – a charitable foundation based in the U.S. – is pleased to announce a Call For Applications for fellowship awards and for research planning grants. 

Application dates: Opens September 30, 2020. Closes November 24, 2020.

Applicants’ topics: They must be relevant to the set list of of “burning questions” asked by leaders of NGOs tackling problems and concerns related to industrial food animal production in low- and middle-income countries (terrestrial and aquatic animals). These are questions that the leaders want to understand deeply and that matter most to them.

Please note that the list of questions has been updated and re-prioritized in Summer 2020. Some questions from the “old” list have been removed and new questions added. 

FELLOWSHIP AWARDS (given to individuals)

Amount: US$25,000 (for a team of 2-4), $20,000 (for a PhD holder), $15,000 (for a PhD student)


– Academic researchers (including independent scholars) with PhD/doctoral degree or are PhD/doctoral students working on their dissertations.
– No restrictions as to applicants’ place of residence or citizenship.
Duration: 4 months
RESEARCH PLANNING GRANTS (given to universities)
Amount of each grant: Minimum US$1,000. Maximum $10,000.
– Applicants (or the principal applicant if it is a team) must hold the PhD/doctoral degree or be enrolled in a PhD/doctoral program.
– Applicants (or at least one member of a team) should be enrolled in or employed by universities /academic research institutions that can receive these grants. Universities need not be located in the U.S.
Duration: 4 months

Read full description and instructions:

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