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Current Issue: Volume 9, Number 1 (2020)

Animal Studies Journal 2020 9(1): Cover Page, Table of Contents, Editorial and Contributor Biographies
Melissa Boyde

A Multispecies Doula Approach to Death and Dying
Kathryn Gillespie

Should Animals Have a Right to Work? Promises and Pitfalls
Charlotte Blattner

Free to Be Dog Haven: Dogs Who May Never Be Pets?
René J. Marquez

Should New Zealand Do More to Uphold Animal Welfare?
Andrew Knight

‘From Here to Everywhere’: Foucault, Fonterra and Richie McCaw (A Cow’s Tale)*
Chevy Rendell

How to Help when it Hurts: ACT Individually (and in Groups)
Cheryl E. Abbate

The Grieving Kangaroo Photograph Revisited
David Brooks

[Review] Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change. Edited by Kathrin Hermann and Kimberley Jayne. Brill, 2019. 714 pp
John Hadley

[Review] John Simons. Obaysch: A Hippopotamus in Victorian London. Animal Publics Series, edited by Fiona Probyn-Rapsey and Melissa Boyde, Sydney University Press, 2019. 226 pp
Wendy Woodward

[Review] Susan McHugh. Love in a Time of Slaughters: Human-Animal Stories Against Genocide and Extinction. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2019. 228 pp
Fiona Probyn-Rapsey

[Review] The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History. Edited by Hilda Kean and Philip Howell, Routledge, 2019. 560 pp
Wendy Woodward

[Review] After Coetzee: An Anthology of Animal Fictions. Edited by A. Marie Houser, Faunary Press, 2017. 189 pp
Wendy Woodward