CFP: ‘Animals, Ethics and Law’ session, Sweden, August 24-26

CFP for panel contributions for the special session “Animals, Ethics and Law in a more-than-human world” at the Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RCSL) conference, 24-26 August at Lund University, Sweden.

This session of the 2020 RCSL conference invites scholars across the academe to discuss the social, political, and ethical dimensions of the current situation of nonhuman animals in society and law: How and to what extent are the lives and cultures of other animals protected by law? What are the implications of various policies and regulatory measures associated with animal welfare, rights, protection, and conservation? What challenges do new insights into the complex, social lives of other species present to law – and how do we respond as scholars?

The session especially welcomes interdisciplinary and critical approaches within Animal, Law, and Society scholarship, including non-anthropocentric perspectives pertaining to law and legal regulation, human/animal relations, and more-than-human law. 

Finally, the session aims to offer a venue for scholars within animal and environmental law to interactively discuss and share cross-cutting approaches dealing with issues related to animal protection, biodiversity, the environment, and anthropogenic climate change applying an animal-centered focus.

Please submit your abstract before March 15 (Please chose the theme “other” in the submission form).

You can find a full description of the conference “Law and Digital Society: Re-Imagining the Futures“ including information on the venue, conference fees and travel at .

Questions may be directed at Marie Leth-Espensen, Sociology of Law, Lund University at